The theme, bizarrely, for the first season of FIFA 22 is neo-future sci-fi, and EA Sports has marked the occasion with a round of premium cosmetics, available from the release’s in-game store. Purchasable with Coins or FIFA Points, these unusual customisation items even have their own story, centring on a character called Mirai and her battle against “the first Level XI Kaiju”.

Seriously, read this description from the Ultimate Team homepage and ponder whether you’re playing a soccer sim or the latest Bandai Namco title from the Code Vein team:

You can get everything, including tifos, banners, crests, and Pitch Trophies for 135,000 Coins or 1,500 FIFA Points, which is roughly £11.99/$14.99 in real money. Obviously, you’re not going to want to use your Coins as they’re essential for trading players, but we suppose it’s generous of EA Sports to include the option at all.

Crucially, you can preview all of the items before you purchase them, including the Iron Man-esque kits and giant Mirai-Chan statue. We’re yet to come up against a player who’s purchased these in Division Rivals, but there’s always someone with more money than sense in FIFA, so we’re just counting down the matches until we encounter them.