Here’s a game you’re going to want to like, comment, and share: YouTubers Life 2 is out today (!!!) on the PlayStation 4. This is a much bigger (and, presumably, better) version of The Sims-esque broadcast-‘em-up that launched last year on Sony’s console. “In this new brand title, players will take on the role of an emerging YouTuber in NewTube City, where they will need to keep an eye on what’s new and trending around them to create content and reach the top,” the press release reads.

The blurb continues: “Just as in real life, the hot new trends change daily and can be found everywhere: a location, an event, an exclusive new video game, or a popular person – whatever the movers and shakers in NewTube City are talking about!” Chase those hashtags, readers!

The release will feature a bunch of real-life YouTubers, including PewDiePie, and you’ll even get access to a drone which you can use to record every minute of your life in NewTube City. “Track down the hot new trends and choose the best shots to record your videos on NewTube, stream on Glitch, or take photos on InstaLife,” the synopsis teases. “Create your own content to hit new records and gain millions of subscribers.”

We actually developed an unhealthy obsession with the original YouTubers Life, but ultimately concluded that a few “small issues stop it from being the viral hit”. Let’s hope this one fixes those problems up, and avoids a social media scandal.