Battlefield 2042 held an open beta test across multiple platforms not too long ago. While the reception to the beta has been generally positive, some fans were left with concerns, primarily about the game's Specialists. Four of the Specialists were available in the beta, out of 10 that will be present when the title launches next month. Some players feel that these characters don't allow for the same tactical team play that the traditional class system did in previous games. Lead developer DICE has responded to this concern, and many others, in a lengthy blog post.

Firstly, it has revealed the five remaining Specialists that will join the fight at launch. You can see them all, along with their unique abilities, in the above video. DICE views Specialists "as the next evolution of the classic Battlefield class system", so they're not going away, but it sounds like the final game will be vastly improved over the beta in all sorts of ways.

Lots of changes to the user interface have been made. Big Map, which lets you get an overview of the map and captured territories, was excluded from the beta, but will be in the final game. Commorose is another system left out of the beta that allows squad members to communicate with each other via quick prompts. This is in addition to the contextual Ping system.

The blog post also talks about loadouts, another point of contention within the beta. During the test, players were able to fully customise their loadout regardless of the Specialist they choose, and fans say this led to uncoordinated teams. DICE says that, in the early hours of the game, your choice of weapons and gadgets will be restricted, and will slowly open up as you gain experience. It says that, while there are stricter loadouts in Hazard Zone, All-Out Warfare will indeed allow you to pick and choose what you want, and it goes on to explain how squad composition won't be a problem.

There are far too many changes to go over here, so if you're interested, follow this link to the blog post for the full rundown. There's talk of more tanks in Orbital, better HUD elements, making it easier to tell friend from foe, better aim assist for controllers, and much more.

What do you think of all this post-beta Battlefield 2042 stuff? Are you still looking forward to the first-person shooter on 19th November? Stay frosty in the comments section below.