Remember the alarmingly successful free-to-play PlayStation 4 game, Let It Die? Well, it’s receiving a PS5 and PS4 successor, a multiplayer brawler by the name of Deathverse: Let It Die. This is being billed as a “multiplayer survival action” game, where you’re the participating in a reality game show that’s taken the world by storm.

As explained on the PS Blog: “This game is set in the world after the events of Let It Die, where players fight for stardom in the survival TV reality show Death Jamboree. The show takes place in a virtual world known as the Deathverse, which was created by the Yotsuyama Group as a final destination for people’s souls.”

You’ll be facing off in Death Jamborees, armed with ‘Wilsons’, which are effectively weapons that can transform into shields and other useful items in combat. There’s much more information on the PS Blog, but you should get a general gist of the gameplay from the trailer embedded above. Thoughts on this? Our immediate impression was that the environments look a bit bland.