A good mystery is sometimes just what the doctor ordered, but what about one starring a bunch of animals? Backbone, a self-described post-noir narrative adventure, puts you in control of Howard Lotor, a private eye who's also a depressed raccoon. The game has just been announced for PlayStation 5 and PS4, and it's coming very soon indeed.

Taking place in a dystopian Vancouver, British Columbia, you'll explore the city and search for answers in a "deeply personal story of change and transformation". Gameplay looks to involve walking about looking for clues, speaking to other animals, and a little bit of platforming for good measure. It also happens to have some pretty gorgeous pixel art, if you're a fan of that style.

It's been available on PC since June, where it received pretty favourable reviews. The game will be coming to PS5 and PS4 on 28th October, so there's only a week until you can give it a try yourself.

What do you think of Backbone? Will you be investigating this interesting indie title? Put on your trench coats in the comments section below.