Dreams remains one of PlayStation's most fascinating games, and that's partly down to its ever-evolving landscape of community-made stuff. A real highlight, whether you get involved as a creator or you just play the end result, is all the special events, including the annual Hallowe'en showcase, All Hallows' Dreams. It's back this year as All Hallows' Dreams: Ghost Train, and it looks super fun in the new trailer, embedded above.

The event gets started from today, 15th October, and will remain playable within the game permanently. Until 1st November, though, there's the opportunity to grab some special, Hallowe'en themed Imps, rewarded for completing certain tasks within the event.

The Dreams community has been busy building various things for this, including their very own pumpkins and scarecrows for the gardens, and levels for the titular Ghost Train portion. This is an on-rails shooter style game that has the train taking you through spooky, user-made locations to shoot down targets. It's like a theme park ride, and we're excited to take it for a spin. You'll also be able to customise your avatar with festive costumes, and the whole thing is playable in PSVR to boot.

It all looks suitably delightful, doesn't it? Will you be playing All Hallows' Dreams this October? Mind the gap in the comments section below.

[source indreams.me]