We'll be honest, we didn't have high expectations before we watched the above video, but Tinykin looks rather promising indeed. The game stars Milo, a scientist who searches for Earth and finds it, but the planet is trapped in 1991, and he's shrunk down to a diminutive size. With the help of the titular creatures, you'll help Milo escape an enormous house and get back to his own home.

We say Pikmin-inspired, because the Tinykin come in different shapes and sizes, follow you around by the dozens, and can all help you out in various interesting ways. In the video, we see the little green guys forming ladders to let you explore higher up, while pink Tinykin can lift large objects and move them around. This is less a strategy game and more of an explorative puzzle platformer, though, so it's not a clone of Nintendo's series as such.

It has a lovely look to it, and the environment looks like it'll be full of secrets and hidden paths. Even skating on the little bar of soap looks like good fun, and insects will help you out with ability upgrades. It sounds pretty delightful, doesn't it?

Tinykin arrives in Summer 2022 on PlayStation 5 and PS4, and it seems like one to watch. Are you interested in this one? Gather together in the comments section below.

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