About five or so months ago, you may remember there being a bit of a fuss surrounding the PlayStation 4's internal CMOS battery and how should it die alongside Sony eventually pulling PS Store support on the console, the system would effectively be rendered useless. The small component in question is used to verify the date and time Trophies are unlocked on PS4 to prevent any cheating, but while the battery is easily replaced, not being able to connect to PSN after installing a new one would mean you can't access your games anymore — physical or digital. That's because PS4 titles must connect to the network at least once before they're able to run.

This created a bit of concern amongst the hardcore PlayStation community, with some worrying about what would happen to current PS4 titles should PSN support be pulled and the CMOS battery in question die on them. Well, the good news is that this concern is no longer a problem at all as Sony has fixed the issue with the recent firmware update 9.00.

YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer investigated the claims after tweets were put out by members of the community and has issued the video embedded above. MVG removed the CMOS battery from a base PS4 and downloaded the 9.00 firmware update, then disconnected the system from the internet upon successful installation. Whereas before a game would immediately display error CE-30391-6 and refuse to run any PS4 titles, the console now boots the game successfully and enables play. It is noted that an earned PS4 Trophy wasn't displaying, however.

Just to double-check, MVG then inserted a PS4 disc and downloaded and installed Shadow of the Colossus from scratch with the CMOS battery removed and the console disconnected from PSN. It still worked, meaning the problem has been fixed in its entirety. "We have 100 per cent confirmed that it's working," MVG concludes.

[source youtube.com, via News: PS4 Clock Battery Problem Proven, But Don't Panic Right Now]