First released on the PlayStation 1 in Japan back in 1997, Moon is described as an "anti-RPG" without any battles. Later inspiring the likes of Undertale, it's had a cult following for a while, which resulted in a Nintendo Switch release in 2019. The game has now been confirmed to be returning home with a release on PS5 and PS4 at some point in the future.

The PS Store description reads: "Have you ever wondered when you play RPGs? "Why does a hero open a chest of drawers and steal items from a person's house?" "Why does a hero kill all monsters around the world?" A strange event in the RPG world that everyone feels. In this game, you can experience such a familiar RPG world from a new perspective." We've embedded the Nintendo Switch trailer above so you can attach some sort of visuals to that description.

"In this world, heroes who kill innocent animals to earn experience points were wandering around. The boy collects "love" from all over the world and grows while saving the soul of the animal killed by the hero."

It's tough to really know what to expect, but our friends over at Nintendo Life at least liked the game when the Switch port launched. In a 7/10 review, the site concluded: "Whether or not Moon is for you ultimately depends upon your tolerance level for aspects of late '90s game design and your overall interest in the RPG genre. As a standalone product, Moon has plenty of amusing commentary about RPGs, but much of this is likely to be lost on those who don’t much care for them. Strip away the satire, and you’re left with a mostly entertaining but somewhat simplistic point-and-click-style adventure laden with fetch quests."

If you really dig what it's going for, it sounds like Moon will be worth a shot on PS5 and PS4. Are you interested? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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