Kena: Bridge of Spirits, an indie title that Sony spotlighted as part of its PlayStation 5 reveal, is due out very soon indeed. In just a few days, the game is coming to both PS5 and PS4, and it looks like it'll be celebrating in a rather unusual way. Right around launch, a pair of Kena costumes will arrive in Fall Guys, because of course.

The battle royale party platformer is known for its crossover outfits, and Ember Lab's debut project is getting the jellybean treatment. First up, on 21st September, the Rot will be available in Fall Guys, and a few days later, a Kena skin will join the party on the 24th:

The full outfits will cost 10 crowns each, so we hope you've been saving up your winnings. It's pretty funny to see these loveable characters turned into bean-shaped beings. What do you think of Kena's pair of Fall Guys outfits? Will you be grabbing these next week? Drop into the comments section below.