Hot Wheels Unleashed has been looking surprisingly promising since its announcement, and developer Milestone keeps unveiling new tracks and features to keep fans interested. The toy car racer is packed with dozens of vehicles you'll recognise from real-world collections, various circuits in different environments, a full career mode, online multiplayer, and a level editor to make and share your own tracks. Now, the team has revealed two new features: a livery editor and the Basement.

The livery editor is about what you'd expect going by this new trailer. It'll allow you to customise your cars with new paint jobs, decals, and more, and then share your designs online with the community. On the flip side, you can log on and download any user-made car skins you like and use them yourself.

The Basement is an interesting addition. It seems to be a fully customisable hub area you'll decorate with new furniture and accessories as you see fit. Judging by the trailer, you'll also be able to build a track in it as well, and potentially race your buddies before hopping into matchmaking.

Hot Wheels Unleashed releases on 30th September, and we're pretty excited to take it for a spin. What do you think? Loop-de-loop into the comments section below.