Blue sky retro arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo will celebrate the career of F1 legend Ayrton Senna in a new expansion due out on 20th October. The appropriately titled Senna Forever – which will cost $5.99, with profits donated to Ayrton Senna’s Institute educational programs – will debut an “entirely new set of cars, tracks, and features”.

Among these is the ability to play in first-person and create race strategies, as you work through five nostalgic chapters. Championship Mode will feature 18 different teams with more than 30 cars to unlock, and you’ll be able to enjoy the entire experience either alone or with up to three other friends in local split-screen multiplayer.

“Horizon Chase Turbo was born as a tribute to the classic racing games of the 80s and 90s,” said Aquiris’ Sandro Manfredini. “Back then, many of us were just kids who, among other things, played video games and watched races with our families in the living room. We could not even imagine that one day we would play a game whose character would be the great champion of those unforgettable Sundays: Ayrton Senna.”

The screenshots rekindle fond memories of old 16-bit SEGA games, like Super Monaco GP or something. We suspect this will be a ton of fun for F1 enthusiasts and arcade racing fans alike.