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The man who spearheaded the creation and design of the original God of War is David Jaffe, also known for creating another beloved PlayStation series with Twisted Metal. Nowadays, he's put game design on ice and conducts live streams and YouTube videos on a regular basis. The ex-designer's outspoken behaviour isn't for everyone, but every now and then his connections and knowledge of the industry reveal some interesting bits and pieces. Case in point: next week's PlayStation Showcase.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Jaffe briefly touches on what to expect from Sony's September presentation. He brings up a conversation he was having with someone about the event, who was worried it would disappoint, and that they wanted to see the "Big Sony stuff". While he won't say what he knows will be shown off during the broadcast, Jaffe responded by saying, "...You won't be disappointed if you are looking for the traditional, great first-party PlayStation."

He says that Sony's teams will be there "With flying colours", and he's "so excited to see people's response to it". Jaffe adds that he's yet to see the games he's alluding to for himself, but that he's "very proud" of Sony's devs and what they're working on.

On a side note, in the same video, the designer mentions he's heard that God of War Ragnarok — "or whatever they're gonna call it" — is aiming for about a 40-hour game length, which would be a big leap from the previous entry. As to whether the anticipated sequel will be at PlayStation Showcase, Jaffe says he "[doesn't] know anything about that".

More recently on Twitter, Jaffe shared a tweet further hinting at future projects from PlayStation: "Just found out about a new [PlayStation] game they are making – no idea when it gets unveiled (maybe next week, maybe not) but just know when it does, people are gonna lose their f***ing minds! Bad ass!!!"

In another video just released today, Jaffe clarifies his comments in the above tweet and the earlier video. He says there are "for sure two things that will be shown" coming from PlayStation Studios that'll make fans happy. The game he talks about in his tweet is a third game, which an industry friend had brought up via text messages. Whether this mystery title shows up or not is unknown, but it sounds like we're seeing at least two major Sony games next week. This is only what Jaffe's heard about, though, so who knows how much the platform holder will really be unveiling. Only a few days to go until we find out.

So, it seems as though Jaffe is pretty darn excited for the impending show. When is PlayStation Showcase? Follow through the link to learn everything you need. Does all this Jaffe talk top up your hype levels for the event, or are you keeping expectations in check? Let us know in the comments section below.

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