Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for PlayStation Showcase 2021 Feature 1

You don't know how much we've been itching to write this feature: Sony has finally confirmed its big gaming showcase for Thursday and we've got predictions to share. The Push Square editorial team has come together to each reveal two predictions: one with a somewhat realistic chance of happening and another that's based on dreams rather than reality. These are the PS5, PS4 games we both expect and hope to appear during this week's PlayStation Showcase 2021.

Sammy Barker, Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for PlayStation Showcase 2021 Feature 2

Realistic Prediction: Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Multiplayer Game Will Finally Be Revealed

Surely it’s time for an update on Naughty Dog’s online multiplayer game? It’s been well over a year since The Last of Us: Part 2 released, and the company has been aggressively hiring for the franchise’s online spin-off ever since. While I’ve been patiently waiting for this game, I think it’s finally time we got a glimpse into what the developer has planned; it recently said that it wants to make a “cinematic experience between players”. Outside of Gran Turismo Sport and MLB The Show, it’s been a while since Sony released a hit multiplayer game, so I’m both predicting and hoping we’ll get a taste of just what it’s been cooking behind-the-scenes.

Dream Prediction: Sammy Wants More Than What We Know About Already

This is probably going to be a cop out, and I can already feel the deathly stare of my colleagues’ eyes upon me, but I just want to be surprised. It’s been a year since the last PlayStation press conference, and while I’m enjoying my games at the moment, I feel like the industry has been really stale in 2021 as a whole. I understand Sony wants to announce games much later in their cycle now, but if this event focuses firmly on projects we already know about, then I think I’ll be disappointed. We’re nearing the anniversary of the PS5’s launch, and I think it’s important that Sony is able to wow us with known quantities like God of War: Ragnarok but also surprise us with projects we never saw coming.

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for PlayStation Showcase 2021 Feature 3

Realistic Prediction: Sony Will Announce New PS Plus Incentives

If recent reports are to be believed, then Sony has been thinking about how to add value to its subscription services — particularly PlayStation Plus. It could be argued that Plus has needed a bit of an overhaul for a while, and this event could be the place to make potential adjustments a reality. That said, I don't think Sony will be implementing sweeping changes to the entire thing, but I can see it announcing additions or alterations. Just enough to sweeten the deal and refresh the service as we head into the PS5 generation proper.

Dream Prediction: Final Fantasy XVI Gets a March 2022 Release Date

Final Fantasy XVI is probably the most excited I've been for a new Final Fantasy game in around a decade or more — and that's because proven Final Fantasy XIV talent is at the helm. If we get anything on Final Fantasy XVI at Sony's event then I'll be happy, but the dream is for Square Enix to finally unshackle itself from the memes and actually release a video game in a timely fashion. Funnily enough, this concept might not be so farfetched. Just recently, Square Enix has said that the next time we see Final Fantasy XVI, it'll be a lot closer launch. On top of that, the game has supposedly been in development for years already — and it's apparently coming sooner than people think. March 2022, baby! Believe it!

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for PlayStation Showcase 2021 Feature 4

Realistic Prediction: GTA V's PS5 Version Will Finally Be Shown Off

Last June, Sony and Rockstar announced that Grand Theft Auto V, initially a PS3 game from 2013, will be "expanded and enhanced" on PS5 this year. That's right: a second remaster of a game approaching a decade old. I'm being a little facetious; GTA V is obviously an enormously popular game, partly thanks to GTA Online, so it makes sense to keep that train rolling. I think it's fairly reasonable to expect the PS5 version will appear in some form or other during PlayStation Showcase 2021.

Dream Prediction: MotorStorm, Baby

As for what I'd love to see (but probably won't), right now I'm in the mood for MotorStorm. Bring it back, Sony. Whether it's a remaster or a brand new entry, I just want to be back in that space. Extreme off-road racing with mixed vehicle classes, arcadey handling, and breakneck speed — it's so much fun. With PS5's grunt and DualSense's awesome features, it could look and feel mind-blowing, too. Evolution Studios might be gone, but MotorStorm still has a chance. Please?

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for PlayStation Showcase 2021 Feature 5

Realistic Prediction: Gran Turismo 7 Shares New Gameplay and Tight Release Window

I'm a simple man this week: show me Gran Turismo 7 and I'm happy. I grew up obsessed with the PS1 and PS2 entries, and since Gran Turismo Sport took the racing series in a slightly different direction, I'm looking forward to the seventh mainline instalment going back to its roots. Give me those events. Give me those endurance races. I want to see them all in a new gameplay trailer focusing on both the driving and how the events are handled in the menus. Then finish the showing off with some sort of release window. I don't expect an exact date, but a specific month to look forward to would be appreciated.

Dream Prediction: Metal Gear Solid Remake Developed by Bluepoint Games

It's five minutes before the end of the PlayStation Showcase and Jim Ryan reveals himself, taking centre stage. "Thank you for joining us for our latest look at the future of PlayStation 5. Your passion drives us to deliver the most cutting-edge titles, combining new ways to interact with best in class gameplay. From everyone here at PlayStation, we appreciate your support. Now, let me leave you with one more thing."

It's a Metal Gear Solid remake from Bluepoint Games. We see Shadow Moses. We see Revolver Ocelot, Otacon, and Solid Snake from various scenes throughout the game. It's targeting a launch in late 2022. A PlayStation Blog post shared shortly after the showcase clarifies that Sony has indeed acquired Bluepoint Games.

Those are some of our realistic and rather unrealistic predictions, but what are you both expecting and hoping from PlayStation Showcase 2021? Post your own PS5, PS4 predictions in the comment below.