Interested in another FMV game on PlayStation 4? Of course you are. Bloodshore is the next title from full-motion video masters Wales Interactive, and it's essentially The Hunger Games on a bigger scale. 50 participants are dropped onto an island and tasked with surviving by any means necessary, while people watch the event on TV around the world. It's from the team that made The Complex and Five Dates, launching on PS4 this November.

Containing eight hours of FMV footage — the most the publisher has ever produced for a single game — Bloodshore follows Nick, who is competing on the game show called Kill/Stream that has a big cash prize lying in wait for the winner. However, "a sinister truth is hidden on The Island he finds himself in". The game is said to contain the usual player choices that change the story and affect the relationships you form with other contestants.

We expect this to play similarly to previous Wales Interactive joints, but the jury's out on whether it will actually be any good or not. Still, we're always interested in an FMV game.