Cult classic PS1 kill-‘em-up Carmageddon is coming to Wreckfest, and if you’ll excuse us for quoting directly from the marketing materials, it’s a “match made in hell”. The new Carmageddon Tournament event is rolling out today on PlayStation 5 and PS4, and it’ll see you “wrecking your opponents and wrecking zombies (and zombie cows) in fast racing cars”.

This is censored Carmageddon, presumably to meet Wreckfest’s age rating, and developer BugBear goofs that “some viewers may find censorship disturbing”. Nevertheless, you’ll be racing around “famous Carmageddon tracks Bleck City and Death Canyon” and will be able to “unlock the iconic Eagle R car from Carmageddon: Max Damage”.

The new tournament will be available throughout August, so be sure to hop in and have some fun with it. Is this enough to get you back behind the wheel of PlayStation’s most chaotic racer? Try not to become roadkill in the comments section below.