Fall Guys Umo PS4 PlayStation 4
Image: @Umomofu

Fall Guys might be out of the zeitgeist, but it has a large community of players who love the 60-player battle royale platformer. As it turns out, the community has some extremely dedicated members in its ranks doing some pretty mad stuff. One such example is Japanese fan Umo, who has apparently been living his life inside a homemade Fall Guys costume for roughly a year.

While probably not wearing it constantly, he has at the very least been making videos, cooking, live streaming, and dancing in the pink jellybean outfit, and he's adored by the rest of the community. He's stood out so much, in fact, that developer Mediatonic has taken notice. In recognition of Umo's efforts and love for the game, the studio has created an in-game outfit based on the cosplayer's DIY costume:

It's not made clear when this special set will be available in the game, but it's a pretty awesome gesture, and we expect there to be packs of Umo-style Fall Guys stumbling about in the near future.

Will you join Umo in Fall Guys with this in-game attire? Suit up in the comments section below.

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