There have been Nerf video games before, but this one looks like a cut above. Featuring the titular toy weapons you all know and love, Nerf Legends is a brand new, family friendly, first-person shooter from GameMill Entertainment.

Coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4 later this year, this is a full-fledged shooter with a single player campaign and eight-player online multiplayer — only instead of firing live rounds, you'll be duking it out with those infamous foam bullets. The game includes some of the most popular real-world Nerf guns for you to wield in-game, with lots of robotic baddies and bosses to blast away in the sci-fi setting. With power-ups, customisable characters, and cross-platform multiplayer, this could genuinely be pretty good fun.

Nerf Legends is out on PS5 and PS4 this October. Will you be giving this game a shot? Lose half the bullets under the furniture in the comments section below.