Vroom! is a solo project from developer Adam Bernath, and our first thought when we saw it was Fall Guys meets Micro Machines. It's an online multiplayer game for 60+ players in which everyone drives a little toy vehicle around obstacle-filled rooms, and you all have to reach the end goal one way or another. It looks kinda silly (and is obviously still in the early stages of development), but we're kind of into it.

Pootling along in a little plastic car or a wooden truck looks like fun, and the physics-based environments look surprisingly realistic. There will be multiple paths and ways to complete objectives, so there's room to explore each larger-than-life environment too. If it's done right, this could capture some of the same energy as the games that have clearly inspired it.

The game is coming to PlayStation 5 and other platforms "late next year", so there's a fair old wait, but it could turn out to be something pretty cool. We certainly hope so, anyway, but what do you think? Tell us what you think of Vroom! in the comments section below.

[source kotaku.com]