Heavy metal headliner Valfaris was one of our favourite PlayStation 4 indie games back in 2019, and now developer Steel Mantis is back with a sequel that shifts the 2D shooter series into a slightly different genre. Instead of a normal action game, Valfaris: Mecha Therion will be more of a bullet hell shooter with an ever scrolling screen. Check out what we mean in the announcement trailer above.

Launching in late 2022 for PS5 and PS4, the sequel brings back protagonist Therion as he continues the hunt for Lord Vroll in a gigantic metal colossus. "After escaping Valfaris, Therion’s hunt for the evil Lord Vroll has taken him across the galaxy. As the final, inevitable showdown looms, Therion harnesses the awesome combat ability of his secret weapon – Mecha Therion!"

Three different classes of weaponry (melee, ballistic, and destroyer) allow you to customise your robotic loadout, and Blood Medals can be earned throughout your travels to upgrade them and purchase add-ons. When we reviewed the original game, we said: "Some may struggle with enemies that feel like they respawn a little too often, but this is by no means as tough as Dark Souls. Valfaris doesn’t do anything noteworthily new, but the hectic, intense, satisfying experience it offers shouldn’t pass you by." It copped an 8/10 rating from us, so let's hope this sequel is just as good, if not better.

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