Yeah, the Nintendo Switch is cool and all, but have you ever played a portable PlayStation 2? Probably not, because Sony never actually made one, and while both the PS Vita and PSP had plenty of PS2 ports on them – well, they couldn’t play GTA: San Andreas, could they? This hobby project named the PS2 Eclipse by GingerofOz can, however.

It’s been built using original PS2 Slim components, so it’s a perfect portable version of the iconic console. There are some caveats: there’s no disc drive, so it’s running all of its games off a memory card that’s outfitted with homebrew. Aside from that, though, there’s no emulation here: every game performs exactly the same as it would on the original hardware.

It is quite chunky in size, particularly in terms of depth – but that’s because the original PS2 Slim motherboard is inside it, and while Sony did a bang-up job of shrinking the components, it’s still much larger than your traditional handheld. Nevertheless, this is a really impressive adaptation, and it kinda makes us wish there was a legit PS2 Portable. Are you listening, Sony?

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