Very highly regarded on other platforms, A Short Hike has now been confirmed for PlayStation 4. It will launch on Sony's last-gen console at some point later this year and can also be played on PS5 via backwards compatibility. Pitched as an exploration game about climbing up a mountain, you'll be able to tour the area and help anyone you meet along the way.

The person behind the title, Adam Robinson-Yu, explains in a PlayStation Blog post how the idea for A Short Hike came to them "after going on a few road trips along the west coast, hitting up as many hiking spots and natural landmarks as we could. I really fell in love with hiking, and I started to wonder if I could capture that experience as a video game."

While the PS5 and PS4 Pro ports retain the pixelated look of the original game, they will also ship with a new option to push the visuals into 4K. This one's all about exploring nature and taking whatever comes in your stride across A Short Hike's small open world. As Robinson-Yu puts it: "I wanted to try and recreate the peaceful meditative feeling you get as you explore the world around you."

When our friends over at Nintendo Life reviewed the game, they awarded it a rare 10/10, concluding: "An exploration in every sense of the word, A Short Hike is cute without being twee, challenging without being obnoxious, and emotional without being cloying. A landmark game for all ages. Don't miss this one."