If you’ve not had enough of SnowRunner yet, Saber Interactive is wheeling out its Year 2 Pass, which gets underway with Season 5: Build and Dispatch from 9th September. In this new summer-themed add-on, you’ll be working in Russia to restore and rebuild a Tatra factory – unlocking two new Czech trucks, of course: the Tatra Force and Tatra Phoenix. Don’t worry if you’re not planning to cough up for the content: everyone will get access to some new skins and stickers for free.

Obviously, this is just the beginning of the Year 2 Pass, with future updates taking you to an American logging establishment and introducing some offroad sports activities. If all of that wasn’t enough, the final update in the second Season Pass will include an all-new region, vehicles, and activities as part of the “most ambitious expansion yet”.

Meanwhile, the developer will be adding free content for everyone, including New Game+, Immersive Mode, and finally crossplay for everyone. Sounds like a lot to sink your teeth into, so if you aren’t tired of driving big rigs through inclement weather yet – well, you’re probably going to want to pick this up, eh?

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