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Brilliant independent PlayStation playtime website PS-Timetracker has encountered turbulence, as Sony has banned all of its associated accounts. Members could voluntarily send a friend request to a PSN user in order to have their gameplay sessions logged by the website, but Sony nuked all of the associated usernames earlier this week.

It’s unclear whether this was a coordinated effort to try and impede the page’s activities, but that’s certainly how it looks from the outside. The website’s independent owner is currently scrambling for a solution, and has created a series of new accounts to try and remain operational. Of course, it’s perfectly plausible they will be banned, too.

While the website does pre-date the PS5 – where Sony made it possible to see your playtime data – it’s arguably more accurate, and it includes overall data on which games are currently proving popular among PlayStation players. It’d be nice if the Japanese giant took some of the ideas and incorporated them into their own website, but we reckon there’s more chance of pigs flying than that.