Yes, we all like Theme Park and Planet Coaster, but what if you wanted to take your rides literally off the rails? Bandai Namco's new park builder, Park Beyond, looks to be taking the genre in an outlandish direction, allowing players to make super-crazy attractions. Check out the debut trailer above.

It's a park management game that lets you "impossify" rides, only limited by your imagination. "Your creativity is the only limit to easily build and modify your theme parks," reads the press release. "Use the modules at your disposal to create unique attractions with thousands of combinations and bring a dash of impossibility for an additional twist that will delight your visitors."

The game also features a story mode that'll see you rise to theme park glory — and presumably teach you all the ins and outs of how to play, too.

It remains to be seen exactly how you'll be able to build out rides and parks, but it certainly looks like a lot of fun in the video. Park Beyond is due out on PlayStation 5 next year. Are you interested in this one? Discuss in the comments section below.