Previously announced during a Nintendo Nindies presentation, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals has been confirmed for release on PlayStation 5 and PS4. Launching next year, the sequel brings back the conversation system and radio tuning of the original title for a full-blown follow-up with a new character named Riley. She's "grappling with the repercussions of post-adolescence" at the start of the game, wondering if the choices she's made are right for her and if she is who she really wants to be.

A PlayStation Blog post expands on the premise: "Born and raised in Camena to a veteran father and an absent mother, Riley moved away at the first opportunity, bouncing around between cities and jobs in an attempt to conjure up some direction in her life. Now, a recent change has pushed her to return to her old hometown, to take an entry-level job as an environmental researcher." It sounds like we'll learn much more in the coming months.

Co-founder and studio director Sean Krankel said in a press release: "With Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, we want players to carve out their own story in a frightening new location. We are crafting an adventure that builds on the mind-bending, choice-based storytelling of the original while introducing a new cast and series of dangerous mysteries for players to unravel."

If you haven't played the original Oxenfree game, you can catch up on it before this sequel arrives since the PS Store has it discounted to just £2.79/$3.49 until 18th August 2021. Are you looking forward to the Lost Signals sequel? Find the right radio station in the comments below.