The officially licensed WRC games have been getting better and better lately, having built up a substantial, fun career mode and pretty excellent handling. Of course, they also have the benefit of all the real world vehicles, drivers, and courses. But what if you wanted to make the experience a bit more personal? Fortunately in WRC 10, a livery editor lets you make your very own rally team.

In the above trailer, the upcoming game's customisation is highlighted, and it looks like a pretty robust set of tools. Before you embark on your career, you'll be able to create a custom car skin so you can best represent yourself on the track. You can essentially make whatever layered shapes you want — we expect the community will come up with some awesome liveries.

WRC 10 hoons it onto PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 2nd September, so it's just a couple of weeks away. Will you be making use of the livery editor? Drift into the comments section below.