F1 2021 PS5 PlayStation 5

F1 2021 is a great instalment in Codemasters' ongoing annual series, but the developer really seems to be having a tough time with the PlayStation 5 version. Not long ago, the game's ray tracing features were causing visual issues elsewhere, so the team removed it entirely while it straightened things out. This was fixed, and ray tracing is now back in, but a new patch has disabled another key PS5 feature: 3D audio.

Patch 1.06 has gone live, and on the PS5 version, 3D audio for headphone users has been taken out. In the patch notes, Codemasters says the following: "3D Audio for headphones has temporarily been disabled on PS5. This will be re-enabled as soon as audio issues relating to it have been resolved."

We hadn't noticed any audio-related problems ourselves, but we suppose they must've been causing trouble for Codies to disable the feature altogether. Fortunately, the team will likely turn this around pretty fast, and you can all get back to finishing your F1 season immersed in 3D sound.

The new patch makes a bunch of improvements and fixes elsewhere, so if you're interested, check out the full patch notes here. Have you been having trouble with 3D audio in F1 2021? Zoom into the comments section below.

[source ea.com]