GTA Captain McClane
Dave Scr 1
Image: Reddit

A new Grand Theft Auto character, “police chief Captain McClane”, has been outed by a voice actor on his official Facebook page. Dave Jackson, a performer who’s worked on games like mobile spin-off Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, told his followers that “it’s official” and that he “didn’t have the heart to tell them that I didn’t really have the time for [the job]”.

Jackson is apparently not particularly fazed by any potential non-disclosure agreements, and said “as long as I don’t give out plot points it’s all good”. Whether this relates to GTA 6 or a new GTA Online expansion is still up for debate, however – Jackson said the following: “They are producing a trailer, so I hope it’s GTA 6.”

The likelihood is that this is either new content for GTA 5’s next-gen re-release – although it seems a little late in the day for that – or an expansion to its multiplayer mode. Remember, GTA Online regularly adds new characters to the world of Los Santos with full cut-scenes, so the addition of a police chief doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility.

Hopefully Jackson doesn’t get into too much trouble over this…

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