This is it, then: the final character in Street Fighter V’s fifth season. Due out in November, kickboxer Luke is being pitched as “a glimpse into the future” of the prestigious fighting game franchise. Maybe we’re reading too deeply into the comments, but it sounds to us like this appearance could merely be a warm-up for the newcomer.

The trailer shows off some gameplay, in which we see the buff blondie launching a handful of Shoryukens – and also tossing what look like energy beams across the screen. But Capcom is keeping additional details close to its chest for the time being, with its attention primarily focused on Rival Schools returnee Akira Kazama and Street Fighter III’s Oro – they’ll both be available on 16th August.

If you still haven’t got into Street Fighter V, then a free trial is available from today through 18th August which will allow you to play as all of the characters from the previous four seasons. That’s a full two weeks to test out almost all of the content in the five-year-old fighter. The company’s also discounted virtually all of the DLC in the game, so hit up the PS Store and see what takes your fancy.