Noguchi's Bell is something we've yet to touch on here at Push Square, but it's among the most impressive things made in Dreams so far. It's a 20-minute short film made entirely using Media Molecule's toolset, and you can watch it within the game or via YouTube (above). The team behind it, Cyber Sheep Film, has bigger ideas, though — and it's turned to crowdfunding to make it happen.

Live on Kickstarter right now is a campaign to turn Noguchi's Bell into a 15-part animated series, again created using Dreams and nothing else. The project is the most notable one making use of Media Molecule's beta evaluation programme, which essentially allows creators to monetise their creations outside of the game itself.

The initial goal is $32.5k, which will allow the studio to create episode 2, 'Rings True'. Subsequent stretch goals, if met, will see Cyper Sheep Film realise its full vision and create 15 episodes of cyberpunk samurai action, inspired by anime and classic Japanese movies.

It's really cool to see people taking Dreams that one step further to create something like this. Let's hope the team can meet all its goals, as we're curious to find out how Noguchi's journey continues. Will you be backing Noguchi's Bell on Kickstarter? Tell us in the comments section below.

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