The music of the Guardians of the Galaxy films has always been a very important component, and it will be no different in this year's videogame adaptation. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, hitting PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 26th October 2021, will ship with its very own rock album made up of entirely original music from composer Steve Szczepkowski. It's titled Space Raider and the video embedded above will provide some insight into the creative process.

The album will be "carefully woven into the lore to enhance the story of this rock and roll band of misfits", which then complements almost six hours of original score recorded at London's famous Abbey Road Studios by composer Richard Jacques. There will then be licensed songs throughout the game, including pieces from Iron Maiden, KISS, Rick Astley, New Kids on the Block, Hot Chocolate, and many more that will be revealed in due course.

Better yet, the album will actually play a part in gameplay as the licensed songs form a major part of the Huddle mechanic. During combat, Star-Lord can cue up a song on his cassette player to inspire the team to fight even better than they already do. "Music is intrinsic to the Guardians’ franchise, and we wanted to make it focal to the gameplay experience. The soundtrack is infused in the DNA of the game, and our use of it goes far beyond usual expectations."

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