F1 2021 PS5 PlayStation 5

Petrol heads have been enjoying the rather excellent F1 2021 lately, but one nasty issue was spoiling the fun on PlayStation 5. For whatever reason, the limited ray tracing implementation on PS5 was causing lots of visual hiccups. It got so bad, in fact, that Codemasters removed ray tracing from the game in order to straighten things out.

Fortunately, with the latest patch 1.05, ray tracing has been reinstated and fixed. Among the patch notes for the latest game update, Codies confirms that the effect is now back in the PS5 version of the game. It's only active certain parts, such as photo mode and replays, but it's definitely a nice thing to have — especially now it won't cause any other problems.

Patch 1.05 addresses a number of other issues as well, fixing numerous instances of crashes and various bugs. You can check out the full patch notes through here.

The patch is already live on PS5, so check it out if you haven't already. Are you still enjoying F1 2021? Line up in the starting grid in the comments section below.

[source ea.com]