Devil May Cry 20th Anniversary

Capcom's Devil May Cry series is 20 years old today (the 23rd August), with the original Devil May Cry launching for PlayStation 2 all the way back in 2001. In that time, the property has spawned five main entries (six if you count the divisive DmC: Devil May Cry) and protagonist Dante has become one of the most iconic characters in gaming. Happy birthday, demon hunter!

Both critically and commercially, Devil May Cry has had its ups and downs. The first game is largely regarded as a (slightly jank) classic, while its sequel is considered by most to be the worst instalment — by some distance. Fortunately, Devil May Cry 3 was able to elevate the series to a whole new level in 2005, and is still seen by many as one of the greatest action games ever made.

Meanwhile, Devil May Cry 4 didn't receive quite the same degree of praise on PS3, but it's still a rock solid romp. And, of course, Devil May Cry 5 revived the franchise just a couple of years ago — a drop-dead gorgeous action title boasting some of the series' absolute best moments. Needless to say, we're looking forward to see what Capcom does with the property next.

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