Yes, it does feel like we've seen a lot of Deathloop by now, but while the core idea is now widely understood, there are still some aspects we know little about. For example, in Arkane's PlayStation 5 console exclusive, players can choose to invade another's game, taking up the role of Julianna. This feature is something that's still quite mysterious — or, it was. During QuakeCon, a deep dive panel on the game went through details about Julianna gameplay, invasions, and PvP combat.

You can watch the full video above, which runs for about 25 minutes. In it, we see some snippets of new gameplay from Colt's and Julianna's perspectives as the two battle it out in the time-looping map. Game director Dinga Bakaba explains this alternative mode of play. You can choose to play as the antagonist and invade either a random player or a friend, protecting the time loop and killing Colt. Her abilities and weapons match those of the main character, so it can be a very tough battle that will come down to player skill and knowledge of the environment.

It sounds as though killing Julianna will be worth it for Colt players, as she drops some very valuable loot that'll help you on your current run through the cycle. On the flip side, it seems like the motivation to play as Julianna and kill another player is simply to provide a change of pace, an alternate perspective, and to come away with some meaningful gameplay anecdotes. In other words, you'll play as Julianna because it's fun to screw other people over sometimes.

There's a lot more detail in the video of course, so do make sure to give it a watch. Other topics covered during the panel include the nature of Colt and Julianna's relationship, the design of the "murder puzzle" at the heart of the game, and more.