If you asked us to present to you a Devolver Digital game, it would probably look something like Cult of the Lamb. This new game from developer Massive Monster mixes cartoonish action with rogue-like elements, and it's looking pretty good in the debut trailer.

It looks like you'll go out into randomly generated maps and fight off monsters, which is the most video gamey thing this author's ever written. However, between excursions, you'll gather followers and build out a central hub as your cult grows in size. It looks like it'll be as much a town crafting/management game as it is a rogue-like, which is a neat mash-up of genres.

It's coming to PC and consoles, though precise platforms have yet to be announced. We hope it's hitting PlayStation, as it looks fairly promising. Are you interested in Cult of the Lamb? Join us in the comments section below.