In a similar move to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, EA and DICE's upcoming shooter Battlefield 2042 won't have a single player campaign. The anticipated FPS will have its usual suite of multiplayer modes, as well as Portal — a user generated content hub — and something called Hazard Zone, which we don't know much about yet. However, despite the lack of a story mode, the game does have a narrative backdrop, and it's something we'll see explored in a short film.

Yes, EA is set to release a short film titled Exodus on YouTube next week, on 12th August. This standalone movie will set up the story behind the game's war. DICE has already established a timeline of events leading up to the game, contextualising the action with a history of global warming, economic collapse, and political disruption. Presumably, this short film will put everything into a digestible format.

You can view the teaser for Exodus via the above tweet or through the YouTube link, which is where the film will premiere next week. Are you looking forward to watching it? Grab some popcorn in the comments section below.

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