Maneater came along in 2020 and was a bit of a surprise hit. The game has you playing as a shark in a small open ocean environment, and your goal is to chow down on humans and fish to gradually evolve into a terrifying sea beast. It's rough around the edges, but it's a good time if you're looking for some dumb fun. Fast forward to now, and Angry Alligator looks to be following a similar template.

This new title has a few things in common with the shark simulator. In it, you start off as a small gator, but humans — sorry, hoomans — come and ruin your swampy abode. By eating wildlife and terrorising people, you'll slowly evolve into a huge reptilian machine to exact revenge on mankind. It looks far less violent than Maneater, but the basic concept seems to be quite similar. It looks like another game that could bring some amusing animal antics to PS4.

Angry Alligator launches in October. What do you think of this one? Take back your swamp in the comments section below.