Sony is, quite clearly, done with the handheld market. While there’s no question Nintendo has enjoyed enormous success with its hybrid hardware Nintendo Switch, the previous portable PlayStation failed to capture the imagination of gamers – even if the PS Vita is considered something of a cult classic these days.

But there’s still demand from a pocket of the PlayStation fanbase for a handheld device, and this concept certainly looks the part. Created by Technizo Concept, it’s packing a 6.2-inch 1440p display and a triple-lens rear camera. The video shows off God of War 2 as a sample game – you could already play that on the PS Vita – but we’d expect this thing to power PS4 software really.

It comes at an interesting time for portable gaming: Nintendo recently announced the Switch OLED, which uses the same screen technology as Sony’s decade-old PS Vita. Meanwhile, as alluded to in the headline, Valve has revealed the Steam Deck – a portable PC which is packing some serious horsepower.

Is there still a market for a next-gen PSP, or have times moved on?