The Tales series has always experimented with interesting combat mechanics. Some instalments have worked better than others, of course, but by and large, the action has always been a major selling point for Bandai Namco's long running franchise.

Tales of Arise is looking to evolve the formula with a system that's more fluid and easier to understand. A fairly common criticism of past Tales games is that combat can be overly complex, with too many interlocking mechanics resulting in chaotic fights that are hard to follow.

In the upcoming RPG's new developer diary, the Tales team explains its fresh approach to action. At its core, this is still a Tales combat system, with combos and resource management playing key roles. But at the same time, a simplified dodge mechanic, free movement, and flashy team attacks should make for better moment-to-moment gameplay.

And, going by recent previews, it seems as though the developer has done a great job. Early impressions of the combat system have been very positive, as highlighted in our own Tales of Arise hands on article.

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