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With Battlefield 2042, it looks as though DICE will be going all-out on post-launch content for the multiplayer shooter. We know that the developer has confirmed no less than four battle passes and four seasons in its first year, but precisely what it has planned for each season has been kept under wraps. According to one person claiming to have knowledge of the situation, it looks like this game's seasonal content will be the most extensive yet seen in the series.

Tom Henderson has taken to Twitter recently to state what he's heard about Battlefield 2042's seasonal plans, and it looks like a lot is in store:

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Henderson has leaked details of other FPS titles in the past, and while he does get things right, that's not always the case. In fact, he admits that in the above tweet, his sources have reached out to him to say only one map will come to Portal each season, not two.

Still, if what he's asserting is correct, players will receive a Specialist, three maps, updates to Hazard Zone, up to eight new weapons, two or three vehicles, and 100 season tiers each season. That's a lot of stuff, and it'll allegedly all be made available for free.

Of course, rumours like this should be treated lightly. There's almost nothing backing up Henderson's claims other than his own reputation, which is somewhat inconsistent at times. We're sure to get official details on DICE's post-launch plans in the near future — there's still lots of time for EA to spill the beans with a content roadmap. What do you think? Will DICE be producing all the above mentioned goodies for Battlefield 2042, or is it too ambitious to be true? Discuss in the comments section below.

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