Sony’s bought out a quiz category in US game show Jeopardy, resulting in some amusing PlayStation 5-themed questions. The category, labelled ‘Gamer’s Delight’, starts out innocently enough with a question about Astro’s Playroom, but quickly descends into marketing hell, with the manufacturer eager to slip in key buzzwords like SSD. Having said all that, the question about forgotten multiplayer game Destruction AllStars is the dead giveaway.

To be fair, this is probably very effective advertising for Sony: it keeps the next-gen console at the heart of pop culture, and will perhaps help the platform holder reach a slightly different audience to the one it usually covets. The company doesn’t need any help selling consoles, of course – you still can’t readily find PS5 stock even if you want to – but it’s all about ensuring the brand remains in the public’s eye, we suppose.