Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics start today with the opening ceremony, which has given way to hundreds upon hundreds of athletes introducing themselves to what is essentially an empty stadium. The coronavirus pandemic means spectators won't be present for any of the competition's events, making for a rather strange atmosphere as gold medal hopefuls wave to absolutely nobody. Still, the opening ceremony has been a spectacle and a variety of tracks from video games featured as each country entered the arena.

You can hear some of them for yourself in the Twitter videos embedded below, but the main Final Fantasy theme featured prominently, the same goes for Dragon Quest, and the Olympus Coliseum song from Kingdom Hearts was also blasted over the speakers.

Music from the Tales of series, Monster Hunter, Chrono Trigger, Ace Combat, Sonic the Hedgehog, and NieR was also present. For a full list of every video game song played during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony, head on through the link.