Every time we see eSports Boxing Club, our jaw hits the floor. In development at Sheffield studio Steel City Interactive, this is not a big budget project coming out of EA Sports – and yet it looks better than practically any other sports game on the market. The release already impressed us earlier in the summer, but this new footage is a step up from that.

The video delves into various gameplay systems, such as personality-based movement systems that will see licensed boxers dodge and weave like they do in real-life. There’s also a series of knockout clips which look outrageously satisfying to execute. All of this is, of course, still anchored by the title’s nifty heartrate-based stamina system, which we reckon is genius.

To make things even more exciting, the roster keeps growing. Tyson Fury will be in the game, and his character model is already looking incredible. Oh, and if you’re looking for a rags-to-riches single player campaign, the video includes some prototype footage of an interactive gym area, where you’ll be able to train as you rise through the ranks of your career.

Frankly, it looks so good that we simply can’t imagine this developer staying independent for long. In the video it talks about how it’s secured additional funding, and while there doesn’t appear to be a release date on the horizon, this is coming together so well that it would be almost criminal for the team to half-bake it. Take your time.

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