PS4 PlayStation 4 Trophies

Sony's getting its act together with all its system software, isn't it? For PlayStation 5, the company currently has a huge update in beta which will make a large number of changes and improvements. However, PS4 is not to be left out — firmware version 9.00 is now in public beta for participants, and has one or two interesting additions of its own.

In an email to beta testers, Sony has confirmed some of the main features of PS4 system software 9.00. The main point this time around concerns Trophies. Currently, you cannot view Trophies you've earned in PS5 games while you're signed in on PS4. With this update, you can view your PS5 trinkets on PS4, making things that little bit more cohesive across consoles. Neat!

Additionally, firmware 9.00 will introduce a couple of other noteworthy things. If you own a message group, you'll be able to delete it (for yourself and everyone in the party). When you block someone, you can choose to also automatically leave the message group containing just you and the person you want to block. Finally, if a child account wants permission to play a certain game, the parent account will be notified on the PS4 and via the PlayStation app.

All these things seem like sensible improvements to us. There's no word on when firmware 9.00 will release for all PS4 users, but we'll of course let you know as soon as it happens. Are you happy you'll soon be able to view PS5 Trophies on PS4? Admire your Trophy cabinet in the comments section below.