Games don't always have to be super action-packed, right? Sometimes you just want a peaceful time with something relaxing. Omno looks like it'll fit that criteria pretty well. Coming from solo developer Jonas Manke, the game's been in the works for almost five years, but it's finally ready to roll on PlayStation 4.

The game is a single-player adventure about exploring a "world of wonders" — you'll be finding secrets, solving puzzles, and overcoming obstacles as you make your way through the various environments. There's no combat; instead, the focus seems to be on traversal, and befriending the world's fauna to help you get where you're going.

It looks rather lovely, doesn't it? As you can see in the brief trailer above, the game's due out on 29th July for PS4, so there's just a couple of weeks to go. What do you think of Omno? Will you be giving this one a shot? Tell us in the comments section below.