Update: Tren has featured on the DreamsCom live stream. In the above video, creator John Beech is interviewed about the Mm Original coming to Dreams, with plenty of gameplay on show. It looks absolutely delightful; you'll be exploring a wooden train world, upgrading your engine, hauling freight, and completing challenges. In addition to trains, you'll also be piloting helicopters, sailing boats, and manning cranes. There's no release date as yet, but we honestly can't wait to give this a try.

Original Story: Like it or not, Media Molecule is dedicated to Dreams for the foreseeable future. Still, many have been wondering what the studio's next original creation will be. Of course, the team debuted its creation suite with the wonderful Art's Dream, a lovely action adventure in its own right and proof of the wider game's potential. The developer has produced many smaller bits and bobs within Dreams of course, including Megapenguin Rehatched, although this latter example is a collaborative effort with the community. What's the next "proper" game from Media Molecule?

It looks like we might have our answer. The studio has announced Tren, a "high-score chasing, track-building adventure" about a wooden toy train set:

Made in Dreams, Tren was initially a solo project from John Beech, a lead designer at the studio. However, it's now been taken on by the wider team, and we'll get to see much more of it during the DreamsCom live stream later today.

An interesting detail in the image is the branding, "Media Molecule Originals". This says to us that the studio will be differentiating its official projects with this header, and suggests more games of a similar scope are in the pipeline. Media Molecule isn't moving on from Dreams anytime soon, but it's encouraging that the team will be producing more original games like Tren. We're certainly excited to learn more.

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