Given our love for Judgment, it admittedly hasn't taken much for sequel Lost Judgment to win us over, but if you still need convincing that this game could be something special, then take a look at its new gameplay trailer.

Lost Judgment is bringing a lot of additional gameplay mechanics to the table, including some light platforming elements and even a stealth system. It's also building on the detective aspects of the first game, and incorporating a bunch of brand new, absolutely bonkers-looking side activities. The bottom line is that Lost Judgment is clearly aiming to be a bigger and better sequel, and that's even reflected in the fact that it's set in Yokohama — the much larger city map that featured in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Anyway, back to the trailer, it gives an overview of all this stuff. Well worth a watch if you're eyeing up this September release on PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4.