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Grand Theft Auto 6 is potentially an age away, as rumours predicting a release window as late as 2025 continue to gather momentum. Last week, we reported on speculation from YouTube sneakster Tom Henderson, who claimed that the sequel would have a Fortnite-esque evolving map, set in a modern version of Vice City.

And now, dependable Bloomberg scribe Jason Schreier has somewhat corroborated the details, noting on Twitter that Henderson’s report “matches up with what I’ve heard”. In another tweet, he pointed out that the project’s “still early in development”, reinforcing the suggestion that it’s a long way away. It’s worth noting that if the game really is still this early, then details could very easily change.

As points out, Rockstar is eager to change its internal work climate, which historically has relied on heavy crunch. An evolving map would, potentially, improve staff welfare as it wouldn’t necessarily need to be “completed” at launch. As for the target release window, the label apparently is waiting until next-gen consoles have a larger install base.

Of course, if true, it could mean that there’ll be a staggering 12 years between GTA games, as Grand Theft Auto V first released in 2013. The developer has continued to keep the title at the top of the charts through frequent GTA Online updates, and will re-release the fifth entry on PS5 later this year, but the wait for a true successor looks set to be a long one.

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