The GRID series kind of, erm, fell off the grid for a while, but it bounced back with a soft reboot in 2019. Now, Codemasters is taking another stab at the sim-cade racer with GRID Legends.

Just announced during EA Play Live, this new racing title's main feature is its live action story mode. Built using a technology called extended reality, the game's narrative will play out with real world actors performing within the digital world. The story will once again place you within the GRID championship, competing against rival team Ravenwest.

Another key point in this entry is its extended range of vehicles. There appear to be more disciplines than ever, and you'll be able to pull them all into one race together; multi-class races including big rigs, open-wheelers, hyper cars, and more.

The game is due out in 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PS4. Are you looking forward to GRID Legends? Pop those helmets on in the comments section below.